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Paintings are accompanied by the author's poems. Translated into English by Andrey Kneller

Painting on  Xuan paper, 45 x 34 cm, 2000




Bamboo – nature labored, creating

Its own outward form of perfection.


The honor of being admired

Was breathed into its foundation.


Bamboo, for the everyday people,

Is supper and shadow and shelter;


For the eyes and the heart of a poet

It’s change from a deep insufflation.


Just look at its stem growing swiftly,

Resembling feelings of rapture,


Adorned with the grace of its leaves,

Refined with a maidenly stature.


Go sit by the pond, overgrown —

Its rustle will bring you elation.


Sip wine from the cup, as you marvel

At nature’s amazing creation

© Copyright Valentina Battler.  All rights reserved

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