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Paintings are accompanied by the author's poems. Translated into English by Andrey Kneller

Painting on Xuan paper, mixed media, 110 x 68 cm, 2011




In evening glitter of the masquerade,

I couldn't find an outfit, I'm afraid.

The masks, the costumes, every single move,

Appeared to me too perfect and too smooth.


I stood bewildered as this human shawl

Of masquerade completely hid the soul.

But suddenly, —she danced to the guitar—

A youthful beauty from somewhere afar.


All raised a racket, suddenly recharged,

Got shuffled, and began their solemn march,

But masks, like hounds, noses in the air,

Will never trap this beauty in a snare.

© Copyright Valentina Battler.  All rights reserved

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