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Paintings are accompanied by the author's poems. Translated into English by Andrey Kneller

Painting on Xuan paper, 70 x 43 cm, 2003



A forest of thorns
       Had appeared where the mantis was living.
It blocked light of day,
       Spilling heavenly scents from above.
The mantis was scrapped
       As he climbed and the thorns made him livid.
He intended to fight,
       But saw beauty and fell deep in love.
And the beautiful rose
       Told him secrets on top of the limb.
That protecting this bliss,
       For a term, is her reason and duty,
That she blooms for a few,
       And was saving her heart just for him,-
Who would scale the thorns
       Without fear, for the essence of beauty.

© Copyright Valentina Battler.  All rights reserved

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