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Paintings are accompanied by the author's poems. Translated into English by Andrey Kneller

Painting on Xuan paper, 66 x 64 cm, 2021. In private collection




You cover up your eyes with fretted veil,

And don’t discern the morning from the night,

You’ve paid horrific dues, to no avail,

You fall in love with No One by your side.


You’ve bent your body gracefully and froze.

Only the living smoke appears to sway.

And yet, this calm’s deceptive, and your pose

Is of a cat about to pounce her prey.


You will not stir. The current of unease

Will overflow your mind and quickly carry

Up to the gate where they’ll demand a fee

From the imprisoned fairy, Paris-fairy.


Your breath itself is like the scorching coal.

Unless your tears can pacify the blaze,

Your loneliness will quickly burn your soul

And you will smolder till your final days.

© Copyright Valentina Battler.  All rights reserved

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